Other Oil and Gas Processing equipment and Solutions

The company¡¯s engineering team is originated from Oil and Gas engineering, used to provide varies of different processing solutions like:

Oil & Gas Separation

Fuel Gas Conditioning

Gas Dehydration

Gas Compression

Produced Water Treatment

Seawater Injection

Acid Gas Removal

Sulphur Removal

Flare tip and control panel

Re-gasification & Liquefaction

Metering Skids

Marine LNG Fuel Skid and Type C tank

Module Integration

LNG Refilling Station


Among which the Company¡¯s Dehydrator and Desalter occupies more than 90% market share in China.



CNPC International, Desalter & Dehydrator


Electric Dehydrator (Offshore)

  Electric Dehydrator for Africa Project


     Metering skid