LNG Fuel Gas Supply System (FGSS)

 is a trading mark of the company for LNG Fuel Gas Supply System (FGSS) 

Based on the team¡¯s vast experience in the oil and gas process engineering, the company is always striving to provide tailor-made FGSS system to different type of engines in the principle of ¡° Simple but Reliable¡± so as to help the shipowner to significantly reduce both their Capex and Opex in a environmentally friendly ship propulsion. 

After study all kinds of marine applied LNG containment system ,we believe the C-type tank is the most reliable and economic containment system for FGSS, the company have excised different designs of FGSS based on C-type tank for different size of vessels, especially large size container vessels, up to 20000TEUs.  


(Different solutions for large container vessels)

ISO LNG Container Tank Gas Supply System, Short Voyage application